Criando snapshotting de container OpenVZ


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Snapshotting is a feature based on checkpointing and ploop shapshots. It allows to save a complete state of container file system. Plus, if the container is running, it’s in-memory state (as in checkpointing). Note that snapshot functionality is only working for containers on ploop device.

snapshot CTID [--id uuid] [--name name] [--description desc]
[--skip-suspend] [--skip-config]

Creates a container snapshot, i.e. saves the current container state, including its file system state, running processes state, and configuration file.

If a container is running, and --skip-suspend option is not specified, a container is checkpointed and then restored, and CT memory dump becomes the part of snapshot.

Unless --skip-config option is given, container configuration file is saved to the snapshot.

If uuid is not specified, it is auto-generated. Options --name and --description can be used to specify the snapshot name and description, respectively. Name is displayed by snapshot-list.

snapshot-switch CTID [--skip-resume | --must-resume] [--skip-config] --id uuid

Switches the container to a snapshot identified by uuid, restoring its file system state, configuration (if available) and its running state (if available).

Note that the current state of a container (including its file system state and its configuration file) is lost!

Option --skip-resume is used to ignore a CT memory dump file in a snapshot, as a result the container will end up being in a stopped state (same as if a snapshot has been taken with --skip-suspend).

If option --must-resume is set, absense of a memory dump is treated as an error, and the inability to restore from the memory dump is treated as an error rather than warning.

Option option --skip-config is used to ignore the CT configuration file in a snapshot, i.e. the current configuration file will be left as is.

snapshot-delete CTID --id uuid

Removes a specified snapshot.

snapshot-mount CTID --id uuid --target directory

Mounts a snapshot specified by uuid to a directory. Note this mount is read-only.

snapshot-umount CTID --id uuid

Unmounts a specified snapshot.
snapshot-list CTID [-H] [-o field[,field...] [--id uuid]

List container’s snapshots.

You can suppress displaying header using -H option.

You can use the -o option to display only the specified field(s). List of available fields can be obtained using -L option.

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